23 augusti 2016

The art of Banksy....

Spy Booth, Cheltenham

..and the work by stupid

17 augusti 2016

12 augusti 2016

Varieté Vulkan at Liseberg....

The last season for Carl-Einar Häckner :-( 
High class performances from the two guest artists - Samira Reddmann and Phil Os.

10 augusti 2016


Thomas Vinterberg focusing on social experiments from the 1970`s. But like in most "good" ideals....someone has to pay the price. 

Sunshine in St. Paul de Vence....

..late afternoon

03 augusti 2016

27 juli 2016

21 juli 2016

10 juli 2016

Place de la Republique....

..and Église Saint-Trophime in Arles (photo A. Amorim)

13 juni 2016

Santa Monica Civic Auditorium....

Los Angeles, 1958, by Welton Becket & Associates

12 juni 2016

10 juni 2016

Dan Reed Network at Liseberg....

June 7, 2016

The original set but with less hair....(excluding Brion James)

08 juni 2016

Farväl Danda

1992 - 2016

Vi behåller minnet av dig som den glade killen...med glimten i ögat. 

06 juni 2016

02 juni 2016


Göteborg, 1937, by Gunnar Asplund

28 maj 2016

27 maj 2016

Black crust....

..was a common view in the cities of Europe due to the combustion of fossil fuels. Today the air quality is so much better that buildings and statues covered with a black crust are a rarity.

24 maj 2016

DR Koncerthuset....

Copenhagen, 2009, by Jean Nouvel (click to enlarge)

Warning: Do not leave your seat during a show. You may not find your way back ! A bit too much design....and less function. A complicated building indeed.


Laurent Lafitte and Mélanie Laurent

Life is a boomerang and secrets and lies are a bit like submersed cork.... 
A good film by François Fravat.

23 maj 2016

It's always sad

Danda 1992 - 2016

when the flowers leave the tree....so early

22 maj 2016


..may become the result of Brexit